AIPSS Conference paper

Naturalistic and simulated driving tests: Recruiting and management of volunteers over a long period

Recruitment and management of volunteers is very important in road safety projects involving a naturalistic driving test phase, and it becomes crucial when a considerable time lapse occurs between multiple tests needing the same persons: a high rate of abandon may jeopardize noticeable research efforts. Economic compensation is important, but cannot be the sole approach, due to project budget issues; moreover, a fully involvement of the volunteers through adequate motivation and feeling of “being part of a project” will lead to more accuracy in performing the tests. An adequate balance between compensation, involvement in the project and clear information is the key for guarantee the correct basis for a naturalistic driving test and in general every research involving healthy persons. This document explains the procedures adopted for the recruitment, selection, training and retention of a group of volunteers aged from 50 to 70 years for more than twelve months.
Keywords: simusafe, naturalistic driving test, volunteering, motivations, participants’ management, driving simulator.

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