Festival of Innovation

Aptiv’s SIMUSAFE team

Our partner, Aptiv, recently participated in Lesser Poland’s Festival of Innovation in Krakow. This event was open to the general public and there was a very good audience turnout.

A large group of people learning about SIMUSAFE

Aptiv opened some of their laboratories and presented some of their ongoing projects—including the SIMUSAFE project.  Approximately 90 people learned about the SIMUSAFE project and Aptiv’s role in developing new technology. The participants had the possibility to see eye-tracking glasses, simulated car motion data or output from driver’s state camera (mounted in the simulator cockpit) on car bench (all running on a computer which is meant to be mounted in the simusafe car). Also, they could have a look into scooter instrumentation, try driving in the car and walking in the pedestrian simulators. The project met with quite favorable and enthusiastic reception.

This was also a good opportunity to educate the public about road safety, user types. Many people were so interested they volunteered right there to participate in the SIMUSAFE project!

So enthusiastic, that it was difficult for Aptiv employees – group guides – to take each group to the next planned Laboratory.

Bringing interested Festival attendees to the laboratories at Aptiv