September EFA Newsletter

We are pleased to share the new September EFA newsletter. This month it is full of interesting interviews and reports of some of the activities EFA are carrying out.

  • It starts with the interview with EFA President, Enrique Lorca and the difficult situation on driving exams in Spain and the future of driving training.
  • EFA makes its first speech at UNECE: a great success.
  • The position paper of the Scandinavian association NTU on vehicles with automatic transmission during driving exams.
  • EFA collaborates more and more with the Greek NGO Road Safety Institute which allowed us to put our logo in one of their latest videos. You can spread it as you like.

A still from the above-mentioned #RoadSafety video #buckleup
  • A survey on autonomous vehicle perception and training; a couple of reports from the EU Commission and the ITF.

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