SIMUSAFE partner, BrainSigns, publishes 2 papers

We are pleased to present two papers from BrainSigns that were recently accepted for publication. Both used research undertaken for the SIMUSAFE project.

  • Aricò, P., Borghini, G., Di Flumeri, G., Sciaraffa, N., & Babiloni, F. (2018). Passive BCI beyond the lab: current trends and future directions. Physiological measurement, 39(8), 08TR02. [Article can be accessed here.]
  • Aricò, P., Reynal, M., Imbert, J. P., Hurter, C., Borghini, G., Di Flumeri, G., … & Pozzi, S. (2018, July). Human-Machine Interaction Assessment by Neurophysiological Measures: A Study on Professional Air Traffic Controllers. In EBMC 2018, 40th International Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference [Open access paper which can be accessed here.]