UPORTO’s MLSM Workshop Results

The Workshop on Machine Learning in Smart Mobility (MLSM) took place last November 4th, hosted by the University of Porto and co-located with the 21st International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning — IDEAL 2020. The audience was invited to assist two exciting sessions about the perspectives of Machine Learning in the context of smarter, greener, and safer mobility systems. Both sessions were open to the general public.

During the presentation session, five original articles were presented and discussed, three of which from SIMUSAFE partners (two from the University of Porto and one from IFSTTAR). Many representatives of our partners were present as well. Attendants had the opportunity to interact and discuss the results of the work conducted under the scope of the SIMUSAFE project!

“I thoroughly enjoyed the MLSM workshop. Not only were the projects presented at the paper session very interesting, but their respective discussion was also very insightful.” – said one of the participants.

The second session consisted of a round table under the topic of “New Training Modules to Increase Usage of ‘Soft’ Modes of Transport”. The panel was composed of four invited speakers — Achille Fonzone (Edinburgh Napier University), Giulio Piccinini (Chalmers University of Technology), Manuel Picardi (European Driving Schools Association) and Stéphane Espié (IFSTTAR) — who discussed, in an interactive session with the audience, how soft mobility could be tackled from different research perspectives. It was refreshing to hear from them and discuss practical aspects of the future of mobility.

The organizers of the MLSM Workshop:

Sara Ferreira, Henrique Lopes Cardoso, and Rosaldo Rossetti

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