We are proud to have the creator and manufacturer of the Vienna Test System (VTS) join SIMUSAFE as a collaborator. Originally a pioneer of digital testing, SCHUHFRIED is now an acknowledged expert in this field. More than 13 million tests are administered using the Vienna Test System each year for neuropsychological and clinical purposes, but above all for the assessment of fitness to drive. Specifically, the agreement between SCHUHFRIED and SIMUSAFE will involve the DRIVESTA fitness-to-drive test which considers the measurement of driver skills such as reaction time, perception, attention, and risk perception.

The agreement between SIMUSAFE and SCHUHFRIED is also an interesting stimulus for research, both for participating in the project of different nations and cultures, as well as for the interest in different actors on the road. The objectives of SIMUSAFE include gathering data not only about vehicle drivers but also motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians. Analyzing and comparing the VTS performance of different users can be an interesting contribution to this project. Furthermore, the SIMUSAFE results may contribute towards further improving the Vienna Test which is another positive impact we can achieve together. 

Visit their website for more information about the Vienna Test System and DRIVESTA.