Dr. Gianluca Borghini

Dr. Gianluca Borghini got his Masters degree in Electronic Engineering at the University “ALMA MATER STUDIORIUM” of Bologna in the 2009 and the PhD from the same University, specializing his final studies on the Biomedical Applications. Since the 2010 Gianluca has focused his research activity on the analysis of the mental workload, mental fatigue and drowsiness, especially regarding operative environments, as military and commercial pilots, air-traffic controllers and car drivers. In the 2011 he was awarded by the prize “I Guidoniani” for the best research in the aerospace medicine during the national conference of Aeronautic and Aerospace Medicine and, in the same year, he got the first position at the Flight Safety Course at the Italian Air Force Headquarter in Rome. Ing. Gianluca Borghini is the team leader of the cognitive workload researches Lab of BrainSigns. The list of publications for Dr. Borghini is accessible through the following NIH link (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Borghini+G).

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