Dr. Mobyen Uddin Ahmed

Dr. Mobyen Uddin Ahmed is the project leader for MDH and primarily responsible for carrying out the proposed research and/or innovation activities in the H2020 project simusafe.  He is an Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence/Computer Science at  Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems group and a member of ESS-H – Embedded Sensor Systems for Health Research Profile. Mobyen has 100+ scientific publication and more than 1610+ citations. He received his PhD in computer science in 2011 from Mälardalen University. He has completed one postdoctoral study between the years 2012 and 2014 in Computer Science and Engineering (Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems) at School of Science and Technology, Örebro University, Sweden. His research focuses on developing intelligent systems, in particular personalized and adaptive methods, techniques to develop a computer-based system in medical application. His research areas are signal/image processing, signal and information fusion, case-based reasoning, datamining, fuzzy logic, diagnosis, treatment and knowledge/experience sharing.

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