Shahina Begum

Shahina Begum, Professor, Deputy leader of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems research group at Mälardalen University (MDH). Shahina’s research focuses on developing intelligent systems in medical and industrial applications. Her research areas are Decision Support Systems, Knowledge-based Systems, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, and Intelligent Monitoring and Prediction Systems. Shahina has been the principal applicant and project manager for a number of research projects at MDH. She is the co-applicant and main responsible for the AI contents of the “Applied AI Bachelor Program” proposal at MDH. Also, She has been involved in several initiatives for distance learning courses for industrial professionals at MDH. Shahina has an extensive involvement of both research and teaching activities driven by industry needs and collaborative initiatives with both the public and private sectors. Shahina is active in the research community and has served as a steering committee member, program chair, co-chair and organizer of international conferences and workshops.

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