Stéphane ESPIÉ

Stéphane ESPIÉ is a Senior researcher in Computer Sciences. His research focuses on behavioural traffic simulation (multi-agent based), simulators design (truck, car, motorbike and pedestrian) and light vehicles instrumentation for in-depth Naturalistic Studies (Motorbikes, Bicycles under progress). He proposes a systemic approach to study the traffic “system” using the tools cited above. He participated for more than 15 years to numerous collaborative projects at national and European level. He initiated and managed more than 6 collaborative projects at national level in the last decade and initiated and scientifically leaded the 2BeSafe 7th FP project focusing on behavioural aspects of PTW riding. Last, he belongs for more than a decade to the Driving Simulator Conference and Road Safety and Simulation conference scientific Committees, both conferences focus on the design/use of simulators for road safety research.

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