Innovative approaches to measure road users’ mental workload and other mental states. The potential applications within the digital field

The digital field is rapidly running over all the sectors of our daily life, revolutionizing our habits, our devices, our lifestyle, by enabling a myriad of new applications with the common aim of making our life easier and safer.Within this field, great relevance is given to mobile apps, running on our smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, and even on the car infotainment devices (let usthink for example to Android Auto and Apple Car applications).In this context, the present workshop has the aims to:

1.Introduce to a subject-matter audience the SIMUSAFE project, its activities and its expected outcomes;

2.Provide real use cases and experimental studies describing the innovative techniques employed along SIMUSAFE project, such as the possibility of evaluating mental workload and other mental states of the car driver, both in real and simulated conditions;

3.To promote brainstorming about new and futuristic applications based on SIMUSAFE outcomes and methodologies;

4.To collect the subject-matter audience feedbacks.DATE:15thNovember 2019, during the third International Symposium “Human Mental Workload: Models and Applications” (H-WORKLOAD 19)

VENUE: Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

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